Special Effects Make Up

Special Effects (SFX) Makeup Supplies

Gore! Blood! Guts! We love it all at Fancy That! We stock a range of special effects make up items including the following:

  • Liquid Latex
  • Spirit Gum
  • Prosaide
  • Squirt Blood
  • Coagulated Gel Blood
  • Tooth FX paint
  • Rigid Collodion
  • Bruise Wheels / Palettes
  • Stipple Sponges
  • Zombie Make Up supplies
  • Scarecrow Deluxe vampire fangs
  • Witches noses
  • Elf ears / tips
  • Bald caps
  • Latex appliences / wounds
  • A variety of other special effects items

Interested in Special Effects but don’t know where to start? Ask our friendly zombie creators (Kate, Roger or Grace) to show you a thing or two, or better yet book into one of our Beginners SFX Workshops, where you can learn the ins and outs of SFX creations. Register your details now, and we will message you all the details as they get announced.