P&O Cruise Cancellations

Oh no! P&O Cruiseline has paused all cruise services for 30 days amidst the COVID-19 threat.

Lots of our customers have booked costumes for these cruises, especially for the Gatsby Nights.

Options for our costumes are:

  1. Postponing: some people are planning on rebooking their cruise, as P&O are offering generous incentives to do so. If you are planning on rebooking, we’d like to hold onto your booking, date pending, for when you are ready to cruise again
  2. Cancellation: we can provide a full cancellation of your order. Please contact us to arrange this via credit card over the phone, or in-person in our shop.
  3. Still hiring the outfit: it’s a shame that the cruise has been canceled but that shouldn’t stop you having fun! Consider having a 1920s night with the friends you were planning on cruising with, in your own home! Jazz music, cocktails, costumes; it could still be a great night!
  4. Gift Voucher: consider trading the credit you have with our shop for a gift voucher. Its a practical and easy way to support a small business hit hard by this outbreak. Use it yourself at a future event, or give it as a gift.

We truly hope you had fun with us selecting the perfect costume and really hope you will return for it or another great costume in the future. In the meantime, please get in touch and let us know which of these options you would like to take.