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How Much To Hire?

How much does it cost to hire a costume from Fancy That?

Most people are surprised how affordable hiring a costume is! Our adult costumes are usually either $33, $44 or $55 to hire. There are some exceptions to this, for example the big fluffy animals or mascots can cost a little more, but the average cost of 90% of adult costumes is $38.50. Kids costumes are generally $13.20, $16.50 or $22, again with very few exceptions.

When you hire any costume, there is also a security deposit which is usually around the same amount as your hire fee. For example, if you hired a $33 costume, your deposit would be $30, a $44 costume would be a $40 deposit and so on. This security deposit is refunded to you on return of the costume, assuming it is returned on time and in good condition. See “Terms and Conditions of Hire” for more info on the security deposit.