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Hire vs Buy – Why hire is best!

Why should I HIRE a costume?

Ok, so we all know there are many places to buy a cheap costume. It can be super tempting to click “Buy” when you see a picture of a costume online that you like, but before you commit, consider these points.

1. How many times are you going to wear the same costume?

These days, especially with social media, every single one of your friends is likely to see photos of you in your costume. Do you really want to wear the same costume again next time?

2. What’s quality worth to you?

The fair majority of costumes sold online or from packets are cheaply made garments with very little attention to detail. The materials are flimsy, the edges aren’t finished, the over-locking is showing and the seams can split on the first wear. Hiring a professionally made costume will make you look and feel like a million dollars, whereas that $20 knock off will make you feel… let’s face it… cheap.

3. Are you going to actually get what you THINK you are getting?

Photos can be completely misleading, especially in costumes. The photo on the website looks amazing, but when you get it you realise it’s nothing much like what was pictured. Why is that? Well, millions of dollars are spent designing, producing and photographing the top-of-the-line, very expensive couture costume ranges so they look as good as possible. When another company rips of the design and makes a cheap knock off version, they don’t see anything wrong with using the original image of the costume they copied (go figure?!). So the photo you thought looked amazing is of a totally different item, one that would have cost a whole lot more. Hiring costumes ensures that what you see is definitely what you get!

4. Accessories can make all the difference.

Let’s say you want to be the Queen of Hearts. First you buy the dress, then realise it didn’t come with a crown so you buy that too. Then you realise it needs a tulle skirt (petticoat) underneath it to make it look remotely like it did in the picture. So there’s some more money. Then you want to add some shoes, perhaps a wig, before long you’ve spent so much more than you intended. When you hire a costume, all the accessories (apart from disposables like stockings, eyelashes etc) are included with your hire. We add the finishing touches that make you stand out from the rest.

5. Fit and flatter, or squish and bulge?

So the costume you have your eye on online has a “Size Chart”. Awesome, right? You take your measurements carefully and order what appears to be the correct size. Now you’ve received it and excitedly tried it on to realise that it’s too loose in one part and too tight in others! What the?! No two bodies are the same but perfect fit in costuming is totally achievable when you’ve got years of experience in the field. We know the cut of our costumes and what styles will flatter your body type. Let us make suggestions about sizing and use our styling tricks to get the outfit to look like it was custom made just for you.

So these are just some of the many reasons why hiring is the best option for your next costume event. Forget the cheap, nasty duds and let us help you look a million bucks without paying through the nose.