Instructor: Cara Archer from Cara Creative Body Art What is Henna Art? An ancient artform! Using a special paste made from the henna plant, designs are drawn on the skin leaving an emerging stain, like a temporary tattoo, that usually lasts for 1-2 weeks. What will I learn? During the 2 hour workshop Cara will delve into how henna is traditionally used, go over the basics of henna designs and then everyone will […]

Special Effects (SFX) Makeup Workshops

SFX “Come and Try” Sessions Facilitator: Kate B / Roger B Price: $20 per person, 2 hour session Wounds, gore, blood, burns, zombies and more! If you prefer the icky side of SFX this is a chance for you to get your hands dirty and try out our range of SFX products. All products are supplied and available for purchase. Upcoming Dates: Sat 13 April 2:30‐4:30pm Sat 8 June 2:30‐4:30pm […]

Face Painting Workshops

Instructor: Danielle K Price: $65 per person, 1x 5 hour session About: This is a fantastic workshop for the absolute beginner or someone who has dabbled but wants to know the correct techniques required to create stunning designs. Elements covered include loading a brush, sponge work, dots, stars and stripes, glitter, good hygiene practices, easy cleanup and more. A basic amount of face paint is required for this workshop. Click […]