Want to see INSIDE?

We are not your average costume shop! To see what our store looks like inside without even having to come through the doors, explore the shop with the window below. Of course, we would rather you came in to say hi but for now, check us out by dragging your mouse around on the image!

How Much To Hire?

How much does it cost to hire a costume from Fancy That? Most people are surprised how affordable hiring a costume is! Our adult costumes are usually either $33, $44 or $55 to hire. There are some exceptions to this, for example the big fluffy animals or mascots can cost a little more, but the average cost of 90% of adult costumes is $38.50. Kids costumes are generally $13.20, $16.50 […]

Hire vs Buy – Why hire is best!

Why should I HIRE a costume? Ok, so we all know there are many places to buy a cheap costume. It can be super tempting to click “Buy” when you see a picture of a costume online that you like, but before you commit, consider these points. 1. How many times are you going to wear the same costume? These days, especially with social media, every single one of your […]

About Fancy That

Thanks for finding us! Here are some facts about Fancy That: 1993: Established in Christies Beach as “Pat’s Fancy That” and then changed to “Fancy That on Beach Road with new owners in 2002. 2011: Pop culture fiends Kate and Roger take over and expand the costume hire biz to include lots of unique costumes and props, specialising in hard to find sizes including plus size. Always willing to offer […]